Find out how to borrow online loans

Paying off debts is a major current concern for people. When the money runs out and they are still there, the first option we use is the loan. Whether from family, friends, banks or through an online loan company.

If you have questions about how to borrow, check out the tips that the specialist in online loans brings to you.

Types of Loans

Types of Loans

The first step is to study the real need for the loan and not to compromise much of your income. Analyzing the current financial situation is also one of the first points to be observed.

Negative Loan

Negative Loan

If your name appears on credit protection agencies, the type of credit provided is different from the usual one, with the specific loan being negative.

Personal loan

The personal loan is one of the most well-known modalities. Ideal for urgent expenses, such as car repairs, accumulated debts, etc. In this option, it is necessary not to be included in credit protection lists, have a proven income and less than 30% of it is committed.

Payroll loan

Payroll loan

In addition to the personal loan and the negative loan, you can also apply for a payroll loan provided you have a formal contract. In this modality, the amount to be paid is deducted directly from the paycheck.

Within your profile, conditions and needs, you already have in mind which is the best loan to apply for. When choosing usas your online personal loan company, the steps to take out any loan is very easy.

Visit our website and choose the online credit you want to apply for. Have your documents in hand and follow requirements such as: having a bank account for depositing the money, legal age and proof of monthly income.

When signing the contract, read it carefully. Also remember to pay installments on time and keep track of expenses until the debt is fully paid off.

If you still have questions about how to borrow online, you can take all your doubtshere and discover all the advantages that we offer.

Mortgage loan: Is this a special product?

Nearly USD 90 billion. This is the value of mortgage loans at the end of September 2014 (these are the latest available data) granted by the Home Lends bank.

Looking at the entire market, Home Lends is second to none

At the end of the third quarter of 2014, the value of all loans granted by banks in Poland was USD 351.8 billion. And although Home Lends is still seen from the perspective of the bank for an older, conservative customer, more and more young people are using its services.

Especially with mortgage products. For a long time, it has been honoring different sources of income, and the wide financing offer means that, month by month, the Home Lends brand strengthens its position on the Polish market by regularly increasing the number of customers , especially mortgage.

Special conditions until February 20!

mortgage loan

And there may be even more. All thanks to a special promotion. Until February 20, Home Lends organizes Open Days for Mortgage Loans. Customers who visit a bank outlet during this time have a chance for an extremely cheap loan, with a margin of 1.3% and zero commission.

All you need to do is submit a complete mortgage application by March 20 and sign the loan agreement within 30 days from the day the loan decision is taken.

The maximum loan period is 35 years

Once a year, each customer can take advantage of credit holidays, i.e. the option of suspending the repayment of one installment. The offer of grace period, which may last up to 36 months, is extremely interesting. This solution is of particular interest to customers who buy real estate under construction. It allows you to save on loan costs. During the grace period, the customer only pays interest.

The own loan is intended primarily for the purchase of real estate (house, flat or plot), but money can also be used to repay a housing loan at another bank. An interesting option is the possibility of allocating up to 1/4 of the loan amount for any purpose. You can finance, for example, a credit card or buying a new car.

But that’s not all. Home Lends supports families. Everyone who has a Large Family Card – for the record – is for families with a minimum of three children – they can take advantage of half the commission (compared to to the standard offer). In addition, the bank will not impose a fee on controlling real estate: before the conclusion of the contract, before the payment of the loan tranche, and also at the time of payment of the last tranche. This unique promotion for a large family is available until August 31, 2016.

Promotions are especially attractive compared to the standard offer. In this commission, it can amount to even 3.5 percent. the value of the entire loan.

Loan for the first flat

Loan for the first flat

The bank also offers MDM Mortgage Loan, a special product for singles, persons up to 35 in the marriage relationship and for those who are raising children on their own. Importantly, such a loan may be granted for the purchase of the first apartment or house.

MIX Mortgage Loan is an extraordinary product. It is a combination of a regular mortgage loan and a loan for any purpose. In this variant, the bank can borrow money both for the purchase of an apartment and for a luxury vacation or car. In both cases, the loan is secured by a mortgage on the property.

Home Lends is one of the few banks on the Polish market that has such a wide offer of financing the purchase of real estate. The loan is not the cheapest in comparison to the competitors’ proposals, however, its undoubted advantage is its high availability. Because only such a tycoon as Home Lends is able to offer an offer practically for every customer.

Credit for new teeth – the patient has had to pay extra for new teeth

If you have to go to the dentist today, you can take a big wallet with you. Since the statutory health insurance companies have slashed their service catalog, the patient has had to pay extra for new teeth. A sum of several thousand USD is not uncommon. Not every patient has so much money on the high edge and has to take out a loan for new teeth.

Partial payment contract if the patient describes his situation

Partial payment contract if the patient describes his situation

The patient can freely decide where to take out the loan for new teeth. The house bank is ideal, but also direct banks from the Internet. The dentist often also offers a partial payment contract if the patient describes his situation. Often dentists also work with partner banks who can make loan offers.

If you look at the costs, which often amount to 10,000 USD and more, which the patient has to finance himself, many patients cannot avoid a loan. If implants become necessary, a single tooth can already cost 2,000 USD. Implants are not part of basic care, so the patient has to pay for them out of his pocket.

If the patient cannot afford these high-quality dental services, he should check the existing financing options. It is important that information about financing is obtained before the start of treatment.

The initial situation

The initial situation

Banks do not offer a special loan for new teeth directly. Here the patient could apply for an installment or consumer loan, which can also be used freely. The bank does not ask for the purpose of such loans. The bank is only interested in whether the patient can meet the credit requirements. The conditions that banks require for a loan are the same for almost all lenders.

If the patient can show a regularly incoming and sufficiently high income, he has already fulfilled part of the conditions. The impeccable Credit Bureau is also very important and should not be burdened with negative entries. If this is the case, the loan can be rejected, regardless of how high and how secure the income is.

Before applying for credit for new teeth, the patient should of course know what the costs will be. For this, he can have a cost estimate made at the dentist. If there is enough time, it makes sense to look at a cost estimate with another doctor. How high the loan amount can then depend on the customer’s creditworthiness. But not only that, the conditions of the bank also play a decisive role.

It should not only focus on the offer of the house bank. If you consult several offers, you will get a better overview of whether the loan is cheap or not. In general, the loan for new teeth can be taken out at any bank if the creditworthiness allows. The money is then transferred to the customer’s checking account. It is not necessary to set up a separate account.

The dentist loan

The dentist loan

Many dentists know about the problems of their patients and the high dental costs. For this reason, the dentist offers his patients a loan. This is pleasant for patients in that they do not have to apply for a loan themselves.

Of course, the loan does not come directly from the dentist, but rather works with financial service providers who transfer the loan amount to the dentist and agree on payment in installments with the patient. However, with this type of financing, the patient has no comparison options, including with regard to interest.

Credit from the bank

Credit from the bank

The loan for new teeth can of course also be taken out at a bank. The customer can opt for a normal installment loan or look for special loans for medical treatment. The credit comparison should be important here, because the terms and conditions can be very different. The patient should not only target the house bank, but also include the direct banks from the Internet in the search.

When comparing loans, the criteria are the loan amount, the interest, the terms and the monthly rate. If the customer finds a provider after entering the aforementioned numbers, he can apply for the loan directly via the comparison. However, with a loan for new teeth from the bank as well as at the dentist, it is also important to ensure that the creditworthiness looks as described in the initial situation.

If the customer can meet the conditions, the loan is approved and the loan amount is paid out. Checking the loan application is usually fairly quick when the credit requirements are met.

The overdraft facility as a credit solution?

The overdraft facility as a credit solution?

Most bank customers have a so-called overdraft facility. The bank makes this available to its customers if there is regular income. Banks are quite generous in their approval and often provide up to three net monthly salaries. If a customer earns 3,000 USD net, he could have a disposition of 9,000 USD. Sufficient as a loan for new teeth.

That’s how many loan offers you get


However, the overdraft facility is an expensive affair, and it is not uncommon for interest rates to be in the mid double digits. If the customer knows that he can pay the overdraft facility in a relatively short time, he would be a solution for quick credit requirements. Under no circumstances should it be used if there is no possibility of a quick return. Because the overdraft facility is always used and never returned, the overdraft facility adds up automatically. Often, an installment loan is still due because the overdraft facility has become confusing.

The bad Credit Bureau

The bad Credit Bureau

However, if the patient has a bad Credit Bureau, it does not look good with a conventional loan. Few banks then approve a loan. The way out could then be a Credit Bureau-free loan. However, this is almost only processed through credit agencies. Basically not a bad thing, but the customer has to calculate the commission of the brokerage in his credit needs.

Sufficient income is also important for these loans. There must also be a permanent position. The Credit Bureau does not matter, the credit does not appear in it. However, the loan amounts are limited. There are three loan amounts, $ 3,500, $ 5,000 and $ 7,500. At both of the latter loan levels, a long-term activity must be proven.